Address: 373 Davis Street, Meadville PA 16335

On every job we maintain strict quality guidelines from receipt of material, through machining, inspection and special processes.

Review and acceptance of material certification is required before any job can be released to the manufacturing floor. Our system generates an internal shop order number for every order put into the system. The order number is assigned to a manufacturing process router. The router is attached to the customer drawing.

Each employee is required to sign and date when a process has been completed to drawing specifications. First Article inspection is completed for each operation before proceeding with production.

CMM inspection data is supplied to the customer with every job. ANSI ASQ Z1.4-2003 and MIL-STD-105E are adhered to for sampling and inspection criteria unless our customers supply us with their own Quality inspection procedures that need to be followed. All gauges have an internal number assigned to them and are recorded on a master schedule to ensure calibrated gauges are kept up to date.

Every job that is shipped to the customer has a data pack supplied with it. In the pack is full material certifications and inspection data for every feature on the drawing. Certificates of Conformance for all special processes with traceability back to our shop order number are supplied in that data pack. Records are maintained for a minimum of 7 years after shipment to the customer.

Since 2001, build to print manufacturer of products supporting commercial/military aviation, naval and ground forces.